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Barbie Mould and Paint

Mould and Paint Kit with 4 Plastic MouldsThere will be 4 plastic moulds with different shapes. You..

Rs.449.00 Ex Tax: Rs.449.00

Graphic Designer-A Creative Game

5 Different Color Beads with MatUnleash your brain and make imaginative designs with the colourful..

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Power Tool Set with Gun for 3yrs+

Power Tool Set with Gun for 3yrs+..

Rs.696.00 Ex Tax: Rs.696.00

Elegant Flower Vase DIY Kit

Make Beautiful Paper Flowers and Decorate Your Room with Wooden Flower Vase. Let your child build th..

Rs.399.00 Ex Tax: Rs.399.00

Soap Making Kit-DIY STEM Based

★ MAKE YOUR OWN SOAPS - Everything you need for a fun DIY project with family and friends: easy inst..

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Jewellery Designer Set

This exciting kit allows you to create all sorts of cool jewellery. Make fun Necklaces, Fashionable ..

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3 in 1 Dough Blast

Encourage your little ones to express their creativity with this 3 in 1 dough blast set. Its a clean..

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Chemistry Lab-101 Experiments

Introduce kids to the wonder of chemistry.Learn to think like a scientist!Over 100 tested practi..

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Statue of Unity Puzzle with 108 Pieces

Jigsaw Puzzle with Information GuideAllow your kids to develop their knowledge on the Indian histo..

Rs.329.00 Ex Tax: Rs.329.00

Aqua Pixels-Magically Join with Water

No Heat! No Glue! No Mess!Create colourful beads shape and use as a fridge magnets and badges. Cho..

Rs.475.00 Ex Tax: Rs.475.00

Army Set-Create Army Vehicles

Jai Jawan! Fanaah for Mother India!Cultivate Patriotism in Your Child!Your kid shall create Army..

Rs.430.00 Ex Tax: Rs.430.00

Science 61-61 Dynamic Science Experiments in One Colossal Kit

Explore all fun-filled science activities in this jam- packed super kit!Get ready to discover a wo..

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Make 8 Bracelets-Your Own Friendship Bracelets

Best friend bands…….it's easy with friendship bracelets! Friendship bracelets is a fun way to access..

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Warli Art-An Ancient Indian Tribal Art

Warli is a tradition Indian folk art wherein white/black paint is used to make simple lines and shap..

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DIY Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling is the art of rolling, shaping and pinching thin strips of paper into delicate lookin..

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Nature Science Explorer Kit

How do you read a map? What is the scale of a map? How do you use a compass? How can you find your w..

Rs.360.00 Ex Tax: Rs.360.00