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Fill Stencil with Colours-Animal Series

It is an easy to draw stencils that invite little one to fill in imaginative details. Encourages ima..

Rs.340.00 Ex Tax: Rs.340.00

Stamp Art for your Kids-Birds Series

Create a beautiful stamp art birds using the moulds and stamps provided.How it works: 1. Insert St..

Rs.400.00 Ex Tax: Rs.400.00

Bowling Play Set -30401

There's more skill to it than appears at first - this indoor or outdoor set can be used by aspiring ..

Rs.295.00 Ex Tax: Rs.295.00

Soap Making Kit-DIY STEM Based

★ MAKE YOUR OWN SOAPS - Everything you need for a fun DIY project with family and friends: easy inst..

Rs.449.00 Ex Tax: Rs.449.00

Jewellery Designer Set

This exciting kit allows you to create all sorts of cool jewellery. Make fun Necklaces, Fashionable ..

Rs.255.00 Ex Tax: Rs.255.00

Aqua Pixels-Magically Join with Water

No Heat! No Glue! No Mess!Create colourful beads shape and use as a fridge magnets and badges. Cho..

Rs.475.00 Ex Tax: Rs.475.00

Power Tool Set with Gun for 3yrs+

Power Tool Set with Gun for 3yrs+..

Rs.696.00 Ex Tax: Rs.696.00

Volcano Eruption with 9 Accessories

This kit includes absolutely everything you need to create a volcano and make it erupt! The perfect ..

Rs.343.00 Ex Tax: Rs.343.00

My Colouring Mat-Carnival-30408

My colouring mat is great for inspiring kids 3 years and older to explore their creative expression ..

Rs.299.00 Ex Tax: Rs.299.00

Doctor Set Trolley

A role play toy for the child who is interested in the doctoring profession. The set comes packed wi..

Rs.1,099.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,099.00

Make 8 Bracelets-Your Own Friendship Bracelets

Best friend bands…….it's easy with friendship bracelets! Friendship bracelets is a fun way to access..

Rs.265.00 Ex Tax: Rs.265.00

Word of Science Kit-For Startu-up Scientists

Amaze and Surprise your friends with coolest science experiments.Begin a lifetime of scientific in..

Rs.495.00 Ex Tax: Rs.495.00

Make Your Own Monster Slime

Inspiring Stem Career through PlayCreate the Coolest, Slimiest Monster Ever!This Monster Slime K..

Rs.399.00 Ex Tax: Rs.399.00

Find it First-5 in 1 Card Game

Presenting an exciting approach to stimulate learning in little ones. These cards, specially designe..

Rs.349.00 Ex Tax: Rs.349.00

Warli Art-An Ancient Indian Tribal Art

Warli is a tradition Indian folk art wherein white/black paint is used to make simple lines and shap..

Rs.330.00 Ex Tax: Rs.330.00

Create and Paint Windchime

Every one loves windchimes and now you can create your own windchime with loads of fun imagination! ..

Rs.255.00 Ex Tax: Rs.255.00